EVOC<08285> - Results Announcement (Final, 2003, Summary)

Shenzhen EVOC Intelligent Techonlogy Company Limited announced 
 on 18/03/2004:
(stock code: 08285)

Year end date                         :31/12/2003
Currency                              :RMB
Auditors' report                      :Unqualified
Interim Report Reviewed by            :N/A

Important Note :

This result announcement form only contains extracted information from
and should be read in conjunction with the detailed results announcement
of the issuer, which can be viewed on the GEM website at

                                             (Audited)         (Audited)
                                               Current              Last 
                                                Period            Period
                                       from 01/01/2003   from 01/01/2002
                                         to 31/12/2003     to 31/12/2002
                                               RMB'000           RMB'000

Turnover                              :        202,628           152,462
Profit/(Loss) from Operations         :         57,902            47,250
Finance cost                          :        (2,502)           (4,472)
Share of Profit/(Loss) of Associates  :            N/A               N/A
Share of Profit/(Loss) of Jointly
         Controlled Entites           :            N/A               N/A
Profit/(Loss) after Taxation & MI     :         51,589            39,260
% Change Over the Last Period         :         +31.40%
          Basic (in dollar)           :      RMB 0.137         RMB 0.112
          Diluted (in dollar)         :            N/A               N/A
Extraordinary (ETD) Gain/(Loss)       :            N/A               N/A
Profit (Loss) after ETD Items         :         51,589            39,260
Final Dividends per Share             :        RMB0.03               NIL
(specify if with other options)       :            N/A               N/A
B/C Dates for Final Dividends         :16/04/2004   to 17/05/2004   bdi.
Payable Date                          :     30/06/2004
B/C Dates for Annual General Meeting  :16/04/2004   to 17/05/2004   bdi.
Other Distribution for Current Period :            NIL
B/C Dates for Other Distribution      :            N/A
                                       (bdi: both days inclusive)

                                         For and on behalf of
                    Shenzhen EVOC Intelligent Techonlogy Company Limited

                            Signature :
                                 Name : Tsui Chun Kuen
                                Title : Company Secretary

Responsibility statement

The directors of the Company (the "Directors") as at the date hereof
hereby collectively and individually accept full responsibility for the
accuracy of the information contained in this results announcement form
(the "Information") and confirm, having made all reasonable inquiries,
that to the best of their knowledge and belief the Information are
accurate and complete in all material respects and not misleading and
that there are no other matters the omission of which would make the
Information herein inaccurate or misleading. The Directors acknowledge
that the Stock Exchange has no responsibility whatsoever with regard
 to the Information and undertake to indemnify the Exchange against all
liability incurred and all losses suffered by the Exchange in connection
with or relating to the Information.


1. Listing Date

The Company's shares were listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of
The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "GEM") on 10 October 2003.

2. Basis of preparation

The Company was established in the People's Republic of China 
(the "PRC") on 18 December 2000 as a joint stock limited company
under the Company Law of the PRC.

The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with
Hong Kong Statements of Standard Accounting Practice, accounting
principles generally accepted in Hong Kong and the disclosure
requirements of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. They have been
prepared under the historical cost convention.

. Turnover and revenue

                                            2003        2002
Turnover                                  RMB'000    RMB'000
Sales of Products
Board-type EIP                            121,803     88,428
Chassis-type EIP                           74,338     60,985
Remote data modules                         6,487      3,049
                                         ---------   ---------
Total turnover                            202,628    152,462
                                         ---------   ---------

Other revenue
  Value-added tax (VAT) concession          7,815      8,723
  Interest income                             388        391
  Government subsidies                      3,964      1,880
  Others                                      716        326
                                         ---------  ---------
Total other revenue                        12,883     11,320
                                         ---------  ---------
Total revenue                             215,511    163,782
                                         =========  =========

. Income Tax Expenses

The Company is located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone which 
is subject to a corporate income tax rate of 15%. In accordance
with the relevent income tax laws and regulations in the PRC,
the Company was exempt from corporate income tax for two years
commencing from its first year with assessable profits after
deducting the tax losses brought forward, and was entitled to 50% tax
exemption for the next three years.

The year ended 31 December 2003 was the fifth year since the Company's 
first year of operations with assessable profits and accordingly, the
Company was entitled to a 50% exemption from corporate income tax for
the year ended 31 December 2003.

The branches of the Company are located in various cities within the 
PRC and are subject to corporate income tax rates ranging from 15% to 
33% on their assessable profits during the year.

                                                2003        2002
                                             RMB'000     RMB'000

PRC income tax - Current year's provision       3,811       3,518
                                            =========   =========

No provision for Hong Kong profit tax has been made as the Company
had no assessable profit derived in Hong Kong.

5. Earning per share

The calculation of basic earning per share is based on the profit
attributable to shareholders for the year of approximately 
RMB51,589,000 (2002:RMB39,260,000) and the weighted average number
of 377,500,000 (2002: 350,300,000) ordinary shares in issue during
the year.

Diluted earnings per share amount for the year ended 31 December 2002
and 2003 had not been presented as no diluting events existed during
these years.

6. Dividends

The Directors recommend the declaration of a final dividend at the rate
of RMB0.03 per ordinary share payable to all person whose names 
appeared on the register of members of the Company on 17 May 2004.